Arnaud Enroc
© Jules Hidrot


Born in 1983, Arnaud Enroc grew up in the south of Britanny.
He discovered graffiti at the end of the 90s.
His work is oriented around the letter that he constructs and deconstructs in his mural paintings, using simple and precise geometric shapes, gradually abandoning codes, sometimes even abandoning letters, for an experimental aesthetic.
At the same time, he explores ceramics and paintings in studio with abstract compositions, leaving more room for intuition.



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  • 2021 - PALMA Festival
    17, rue Maurice Fouques - Mondeville - France
    With Honet, Apotre, Miles Unlimited Touring Club, Surfil and Damien Poulain

Group shows

  • 2021 - Nature et mathématiques
    Le couvent - Marseille - France
    With Alfe, Abns, Bocca Della Verità, Chinasky, Diego Bustamante, Ecilop, Emsoc, Faux, Gonzofgji, Jin Angdoo, Keso, Geometric bang, Imon boy, Lou Jelenski, Manitou, Mathieu Julien, Obisk, Ocm Vibration, Palme, Romain Lombardo, Lo2lalinfininokomis, Lola-Ly Canac, Zoulouw Tchaing, Uesa and Voodoo
  • 2020 - Scratch paper
    Fluctuart - Paris - France
    With Clément Laurentin and Geoffroy Van der Hasselt
  • 2020 - Mega Bomb
    Destré, Espace libre - Marseille - France
    With Eliote, FLX, Soir, XVLF Fotolog, Obisk, PH l’apache, Yor 81, Akbar, Torpen, RAP, Hams, コンタン, HotWill le Zin, Flirt, Ymmot, Sex 181, Noteen, L’Outsider, Paste, Matti, A.U.B.J., Ducon, Kohnio, Cor 21, Savage, Frida, Bore, Cool Tu Ok !, Christ, Skubb, Ralf, Walou and Ishem
  • 2019 - Desperados Art Collection
    Galerie Au Roi - Paris - France
    With Madi, Blo, Cela collectif and Paco Rodriguez
    SLIKA GALLERY - Lyon - France
    With Bise, Ishem, Frida, Gsulf, Torpen, Matti, Christ, Rubio, Joris, Akbar, Royer and L’Outsider

Solo shows


  • 2014 - PHENÜM